How Is Oxygen Cylinder Filled Done?

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how is oxygen filling done

Gone are the days when you had to depend on the cylinder vendors for ordering medical oxygen for your hospital. Now we have come up with an outstanding solution that will completely eliminate the need for making the effort of buying the cylinders, storing them and changing them. Yes, you have read it right. A technology that will automatically fill your cylinders! Want some more surprise?

Well, we have it for you. A technology that will not only automatically fill your cylinders but will also supply the oxygen through a pipeline! Keep calm and don’t faint. We will explain to you each and every detail of our technology. As we know that medical oxygen is one of the most crucial requirements of a hospital and hence it should never run out of stock. But while using oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen, hospitals shall and have run out of oxygen. Imagine an unfortunate situation where your hospital needs the oxygen cylinders urgently but your area has been hit by a natural calamity. In such a scenario, the cylinder vendors may not be able to deliver the oxygen cylinders on urgent basis. Moreover, the cylinders require a place to be stored. But the technology that we have come up with does not require much of your space. You just have to install the machine and you will never face the situation of inadequate supply of oxygen. If you are wondering that how the machine will supply oxygen through a pipeline and how it will fill the cylinder automatically then follow the article given below:

How will the machine produce the medical oxygen automatically?

The technology we are talking about is called ‘Medical Oxygen Generator’. This machine takes oxygen present in the air and separates it from other gases. The separated oxygen is then purified at various levels and then it is stored in a tank. From the tank, it will directly go to your hospital pipeline. Medical oxygen generator will be installed in the premises of your hospital and you will not have to depend on anyone for its supply. The machine can produce oxygen 24*7 and is safe as it meets the standards set by Pharmacopoeia. You might be thinking about the cost of the machine. Well, to your surprise again, the ROI of Medical Oxygen Generator ranges between 8 – 18 months!! This means that the cost of machine will get covered in a very short span plus you can enjoy its benefits without paying anything extra for more than a decade! If you want to know about Medical Oxygen Generator then click here.

How will the machine fill the cylinder automatically?

Cylinders are filled automatically through a ‘high-pressure oxygen booster compressor’. The oxygen booster will help in filling and storing oxygen cylinders at 150 bar g pressure. An oxygen booster provides additional boost or pressure to the oxygen produced by the medical oxygen generator. Oxygen is stored in the cylinders at a high-pressure and to store something at a high-pressure an external pressure is required. That external pressure is provided by oxygen booster compressor. This is how is oxygen cylinder filling is done automatically. Now you might be wondering that if you already use medical oxygen generator then why you will need oxygen cylinder filled by oxygen booster. There are 2 main reasons for using cylinders filled by oxygen cylinders along with medical oxygen generator. They are:

1. It helps in satisfying the need for ‘peak requirement’ oxygen In a hospital, the requirement of oxygen is not constant for the whole day. At some point of time, there may be a need for high amount of oxygen and other times the oxygen might not be required at all. The requirement where the oxygen is needed in a large amount is called peak requirement. At that time both medical oxygen generator and oxygen cylinders manifold may need to be turned-on in order to fulfill medical oxygen needs for each bed. Oxygen boosters continuously fill the oxygen in the cylinders at 150 bar g pressure and thus the need of high-amount of oxygen is satisfied during the peak requirement with the help of oxygen boosters.

2. It acts as a backup An adequate supply of oxygen is very important for a hospital. The slightest error can turn into a very unfortunate situation for your reputation as well as puts risk to your patient. Imagine a case where the electricity supply stops for two days. The situation is rare but is possible too. In such state, the oxygen stored in the tank by medical oxygen generator will get used up within a few hours and extra oxygen required will not be available to carry further surgeries. But here your have another medical oxygen source i.e. cylinders filled by our machine will cater the needs. The hospital pipeline uses oxygen cylinders filled by medical oxygen generator machine as the main source of oxygen. Oxygen booster automatically fills the cylinder which can be used in emergency situations like this. Now the question arises that what is the need of installing high-compressor oxygen booster when we can order a few cylinders from a vendor? Well, you may order the cylinders from a vendor but there are many advantages of installing oxygen booster. If you are interested in knowing them then click here. Hope you have understood the mechanism of how medical oxygen is supplied through a pipeline and how is oxygen cylinder filling is done. If you are interested in buying an excellent quality medical oxygen generator and high-pressure oxygen booster compressor then you can contact us freely.

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