High Pressure Compressors For Oxygen Cylinders

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High Pressure Compressors For Oxygen Cylinders

If you are looking for high pressure compressors for oxygen cylinders than you are at the right place. Hospitals require high pressure compressors for oxygen cylinders on daily basis. They are needed to store medical grade oxygen at high pressure.


Do you face the shortage of space to store oxygen cylinders? Do you want to save sundry charges that are added to the price of cylinders? This may sound next to impossible for you but believe us; you can actually save a lot by saying goodbye to the local oxygen cylinders. With the amount of technology flushing in the country, people in India are demanding for more ease in their life. People want to save their time, money and energy. This thought encourages entrepreneurs to come up with extraordinary inventions. From kitchen to hospitals, there has been technological development in almost every field. One such outstanding invention is medical oxygen generator. This machine produces oxygen on-site (inside) the hospitals hence decreases the dependency of hospitals on oxygen gas cylinders.


The importance of peak requirements of medical oxygen cannot be neglected. The chances of running out of oxygen is like giving permission to more illness, eventually letting patient’s life on highest risk state, sometimes death. Every so often the cylinder supply reduces or may stop from your local supplier or vendor and sometimes the entire stock of oxygen is consumed. This situation can be very unfortunate for your hospital as well as for your patients. People lose faith in the services where media is so active these days that will directly effect your hospital image. To avoid this situation of running out of oxygen, the Absstem R&D team came with a solution to supply real-time oxygen through your existing pipelines plus with a customized solution.


Let us take you to a short and logical example. To illustrate, like the main source of the LPG gas was LPG cylinders in kitchens however now many households have shifted to LPG gas pipelines as this option is more cost effective and safer. Now imagine if you could afford your own LPG gas pipeline plus if you are able to produce it at your own place! Sounds like icing on cake right? This would mean, no need to call your LPG vendor and no more irregularity issue, no more price hikes for lifetime! Obviously even a common man would like to opt for this and not only a Masterchef because it lets everyone to cook its own food now in a safer way, with superior gas quality, efficient results, more cost effective and no more price hikes! Obviously you need to clean your gas stoves sometimes otherwise you will make your mom angry, kidding! In the same way, our medical oxygen generators produce medical grade oxygen inside your hospital premises. Plus for peak oxygen requirements, high pressure oxygen booster is used to fill your cylinders and hence you never run out of oxygen in life! Thus, this technology ensures the adequate supply of oxygen without any human effort.


If you are wondering how oxygen will get supplied directly through a pipeline and how oxygen booster will provide backup then do not give further stress to your mind. We will provide you a more simple explanation. Medical oxygen generator is designed in such a way that it sucks the air present in the atmosphere. Its other different component (mechanical, instrumentation, electrical etc.) helps to separate the oxygen present in the gas form rest of the undesired gases. All other unwanted gases are transmitted (vented out) in the atmosphere and oxygen is stored in the storage tank or your cylinders (using boosters). Then through various stages of filtration, the oxygen is supplied to the hospital through the medical gas pipeline system and there you can use it as a main source of oxygen. This machine uses pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology and is considered safe and reliable worldwide.


This technology is complete in itself however medical oxygen being the most important thing for the hospital needs back – up! Hence, its substitute should always be there for the emergency. High pressure oxygen booster fills the cylinders automatically at 150 bar g pressure which can be used at peak requirements. The booster takes oxygen from the medical oxygen generator and helps to store it at 150 bar g pressure. Absstem Company recommends keeping a 2 days backup. The main supply and cylinder backup will be connected with the same pipeline. In case the main supply stops, cylinders will start releasing the oxygen pressure and would thus provide a substitute to the main supply. High pressure oxygen booster for cylinder filling installed with medical oxygen generator will turn out as very profitable for your hospital in the long run as it completely eliminates the dependence of oxygen cylinder vendors.


You might be wondering about the need of oxygen boosters when you can order a few oxygen cylinders from the local supplier. We will list out logical points which will change your mind and you would definitely shift to high pressure oxygen booster for cylinder filling installed with medical oxygen generator. One of the most important advantages of oxygen booster over cylinder supplier is that you will not face the shortage of oxygen during peak requirement. In case of a natural calamity or any other unexpected scenario local vendors may not be able to supply the oxygen cylinder immediately but if you have oxygen booster installed with medical oxygen generator then you will not have to depend on anyone else as cylinders will get filled automatically. Transportation of cylinders involves a huge cost. Middleman charges, labour cost and many other additional cost also increases in the price of the oxygen cylinder but installing oxygen booster is a one-time investment. You don’t have to pay extra for filing individual cylinders. It is not easy to transport oxygen cylinders in hilly regions frequently and in earthquake-prone and landslide-prone areas, high pressure oxygen booster is a necessity. These were some of the few advantages of oxygen booster. If you want to read the complete list then click here. If you are interested to buy medical oxygen generator and high pressure oxygen booster for cylinder filling then you can contact us without any hesitation.


After many years of research, we have come up with the technology which will change the functioning of your hospital in a positive way. We at absstem supply the best quality oxygen generator products with full customer care support. We believe in working for a good cause and that is why we want to spread awareness about this technology. The product we are supplying is not only safe and reliable but it would also offer lucrative benefits by providing remarkable ROI. We know the importance of patient’s life and therefore we are playing our part by providing best services in the healthcare technology sector. We are rapidly growing as a team and we have many satisfied customers all over India. Visit our site to know more about our vision and development. If you want to buy medical oxygen generator along with its customizable products then you can call us, email us or directly visit us. We will try our best to meet your expectations. Thank you for reading this article. You can comment below if you have any queries for our article High pressure compressors for oxygen cylinders.

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