Become A Smart Hospital

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Become A Smart Hospital

Do want your hospital to be called a SMART HOSPITAL? Well, who doesn’t want to be in that list? Today, almost \every sector is becoming technology driven by automatizing the tasks which require a lot of work. For example, washing the clothes by hand is replaced with washing machine; factories have shifted from labour-intensive technology to capital-intensive technology. Why do you think people are following this transformation trend? Of course to save time, energy and sometimes money. In today’s world the ‘word’ smart has become synonymous with advanced technology and if you want your hospital to be smart then you will have to shift to a technology that is not only latest but also offers some promising results so that you can get some lucrative benefits out of it. Medical oxygen is one of the most crucial requirements of every hospital and they rely on oxygen cylinder as its source since the ages. But do you know that you can replace the traditional way of completing the oxygen requirement by shifting to a new age technology which will fulfill your oxygen requirement automatically? Yes, you have read it right. Now you can make the oxygen supply source ‘automatic’ by installing high pressure cylinder filling stations at your hospital premises. The cylinder filling station will provide you real-time medical oxygen without any 3rd party vendor or human interference. You might be wondering what actually a high pressure cylinder filling is. Well, we are here to explain you about this. Read the article to know more about this outstanding technology:

What is high pressure cylinder filling station?

High pressure filling station is a set-up of components which would be installed inside your hospital. Its components would supply medical oxygen directly through our existing medical gas pipeline system and simultaneously fills the oxygen cylinders at 150 bar g pressure. This technology is very safe, reliable and economical. You will never have to face the situation of inadequate supply oxygen as it is a consistent solution. Hence, you will not have to depend on the oxygen cylinder vendors anymore! Explaining in detail, cylinder filling station has two components, that is, a medical oxygen generator and a high pressure oxygen booster compressor. Both the components are enough to produce adequate amount of oxygen even during the peak oxygen requirement.

How will high pressure cylinder filling station produce an adequate amount of oxygen?

As said earlier, cylinder filling station will be installed inside the premises of your hospital. The technology is designed in such a way that it supplies continuous oxygen for 24*7. It’s components include: Medical Oxygen Generator Medical Oxygen Generator uses the technology called as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) that produces medical oxygen by separating oxygen from other gases present in the air. As we all know, air contains 20.9% oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and 0.01% other gases. Medical oxygen generator separates oxygen from rest of the gases as simple as that. The other separated gases are released back into the atmosphere (vented out). The purified oxygen is then fit enough to be used as a medical grade oxygen. This medical oxygen is then stored in a tank or cylinder as per your preference.

Medical oxygen generator offers some excellent features such as:

Oxygen purity: Filters are attached at various levels in the machine which removes moisture, dirt, oil vapours and other impurities from the oxygen so that the patients are supplied with ‘medical grade oxygen’. Also, you can monitor the level of purity through our digital oxygen analyzer. Continuous flow: It supplies the desired amount of oxygen continuously. It is equipped with a ‘flowmeter’ which ensures that oxygen is supplied without interruption. In case of any fault, the switching over panel automatically shifts the source of oxygen supply to the emergency cylinder backup. Audio Visual Alarms: The machine is installed with audio-visual alarms which turn on automatically in case of some error so that you can immediately make a contact with absstem shield which is our in house service team. Medical oxygen generator offers many other features as well per the required Indian scenario. If you are interested to know more about them then you can click here. High-Pressure oxygen booster compressor Medical oxygen generator has to be installed with high-Pressure oxygen booster compressor to make a complete cylinder filling station. The job of oxygen booster is to fill oxygen cylinders automatically at 150 bar g pressure. These oxygen cylinders can be used as an emergency back or to satisfy the peak requirement of oxygen. The main supply of oxygen can be a medical oxygen generator or storage tank/ cylinders filled by oxygen booster. This totally depends on the wish of the hospital staff or management. During peak requirement of medical oxygen, both the sources of supply are triggered. Both Medical oxygen generator and cylinders will fulfill the oxygen requirement and simultaneously oxygen booster will keep filling the cylinders continuously. Hence on-site high pressure cylinder filling stations will supply the adequate amount of oxygen every-time. You will not have to pay even a dime extra on the days when your oxygen requirement is exceeded. Cylinder filling station is completely automatic, safe and reliable. Installing this remarkable technology inside your hospital will make you one step ahead of your competitors. To install cylinder filling station in your hospital, contact us today! We provide FREE CONSULTATION

Why choose us?

We are one of the few companies in the world who work to supply this machine. We assure you that we will provide high-quality services by providing safe and secure medical oxygen generation products. The quality of our service and after-sale-service is the reason for our success. We have a never-ending list of satisfied customers who have not only saved their efforts by shifting to this world-class automatic solution but have also gained monetary benefits. Hence we take pride in saying that we are the top-suppliers of high-pressure oxygen filling stations. If you want to install this outstanding machine in your hospital to make the process of oxygen supply ‘automatic’ then you can reach us. You can give us a call or drop an email. We will be glad to serve you. Hope you liked the information provided in the article. Feel free to share it with your peers and colleagues.

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