Oxygen Compressor Dealers In India

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Oxygen Compressor Dealers In India

Are you looking for oxygen compressor dealers in India? If you are nodding your head with a yes then your search ends here. We are one of the most reliable companies in the world. We are known for excellent quality of medical oxygen generator machine with high pressure oxygen compressor for cylinder filling.

Finding oxygen compressor dealers aint easy?

As we all know, medical oxygen is the most crucial requirement in a hospital and hence they should never fall short of it. Nobody would like to imagine a situation of inadequate supply of oxygen even in the worst nightmare. I am sure that you remember the unfortunate situation that happened in Gorakhpur around mid of 2017. Many innocent people died due to lack of oxygen supply. As India is exponentially developing in the healthcare sector, people from all the parts of the world come to our country to take the advantage of world-class medical facility available at a economic price. To maintain the standard and trust in the hearts of people, it is very important for us to make sure that no such incident happens again. And to ensure that your hospital receives a fair amount of oxygen supply, nothing can be a better option than installing medical oxygen generator and high-pressure oxygen compressor for cylinder filling. In below paragraph you will read some important things about selecting oxygen compressor dealers from your city or country. Please make sure that you should also know about

How a medical oxygen generator and oxygen compressor work?

This is the most probable question that will be coming to your mind. Read the points below to get an answer: A medical oxygen generator separates the oxygen present in the air from the rest of the gases. The separated oxygen is then purified through the various components of the machine. It is stored in the tank, ready to be used. All the remaining gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc) are vented out into the atmosphere. The technology through which medical oxygen generator produces medical oxygen is called as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. The medical oxygen produced from the medical oxygen generator can be used directly to satisfy your oxygen requirement. Medical oxygen generator, when installed with high-pressure oxygen compressor, can even be more beneficial for you because they completely eliminate the need of oxygen cylinder ordered through a cylinder vendor, thus saving you time money and effort. Oxygen compressor helps in storing the medical oxygen in the cylinder at 150 bar g pressure. It provides pressure to the oxygen generated by the medical oxygen generator to be stored in the cylinders. Therese cylinders can be used as an emergency backup or to satisfy the peak requirement. The main source of oxygen supply to the pipeline can be the oxygen produced by medical oxygen generator or oxygen cylinders filled by an oxygen compressor. Though oxygen compressor is not a compulsory module, it is highly recommended to fully satisfy the requirement of oxygen during the peak time.Keep reading about the best oxygen booster manufacturer and things you should know before buying from anyone else!! Please note that having oxygen compressor dealers in your country or area will help to provide after-sales service also. What is a peak requirement? At the time of surgeries and operations a hospital tends to use almost 40-70% of the oxygen while for the remaining day they might require only a small amount of oxygen. The time at which the oxygen is required in abundant supply amount is called the peak requirement. Oxygen Compressor Dealers in your country


During peak requirement, medical oxygen is required in excessive quantity or amount for all the beds especially in ICU’s, NICU, OT’s etc. Medical oxygen generator, when installed with high pressure oxygen compressor, will fill the oxygen cylinders at a high-pressure which is enough to cater the need of hospital’s peak requirement. Explained is underneath with the help of an example. Suppose you face a requirement to fill 7-8 water bottles urgently and the pressure at which the water is coming out of the R.O. is very low. Because of the low-pressure, your bottles are taking a lot of time to fill. In this situation, you will not have any other option than wishing for some magic to happen. In the same way, during the peak requirement, you require the oxygen at high-pressure to fill cylinders but medical oxygen generator produces oxygen at 5-6 bar g pressure only as a standard. So, instead of waiting for the magic to happen, you can leave the whole work to oxygen compressor. Absstem being the best oxygen compressor manufacturer will provide pressure to the oxygen supplied by medical oxygen generator to fill the cylinder at a high-pressure i.e. 150 bar g. Oxygen compressor can fill an unlimited number of cylinders per your daily needs. Thus medical oxygen generator and oxygen compressor together will be enough. They both will cater to the need for oxygen even during the peak requirement. There are several other advantages of installing cylinder filling station (Medical oxygen generator and high pressure oxygen compressor for cylinder filling) over the liquid oxygen ordered through a local supplier. If you are interested to know them then click here. If you are looking for the best oxygen compressor manufacturer in India then let us know and we will come back to you. Please have a word with our technical team to understand your requirement and give you the best choice. Contact us today to grab the best deal.

Why choose absstem as your oxygen compressor dealer in your country?

As mentioned earlier, we are one of the few companies in the world who supplies this customized machine. Therefore, our level of experience and understanding is what your hospital needs. We are a certified service provider and we have excellent customer-care services. Our machine meets the standards set by Pharmacopoeia and promises to give desired results with the full guarantee of safety. The space requirement is also not very high. We make the machine compact according to the availability of your space. Our aim is not just to earn profits. We want to spread awareness about medical oxygen generator so that people do not die because of lack of oxygen.

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