Cylinder Filling Stations

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Cylinder Filling Stations

Have you ever thought of installing oxygen cylinder filling stations in your own hospital premises? Sounds interesting right? With years of research and development, Absstem Technologies have come up with an outstanding solution which not only fills your medical oxygen cylinders in your hospital premises but will also supply an ample amount of medical oxygen during peak requirements. Medical oxygen is one of the most crucial needs of a hospital. A shortage in its supply can cost a precious human life. Many incidents of inadequate oxygen supply have happened in the past. Such cases completely deteriorate the name of the hospital which affects their business in the long run. Thus, continuous supply of medical oxygen is necessary for both patients as well as the hospital and for this continuous supply plus a reliable source is also important. Above picture is for medical oxygen generator that will be used to make Cylinder Filling Stations project. Hospitals often deal with their oxygen cylinder vendors for fulfilling their extra oxygen requirement but hospital administration does not realize that this process actually makes the cylinder expensive as administrative, transportation and storage charges are also added in its price. Sometimes, all the medical oxygen is consumed during peak requirements and in such cases vendor may not be able to supply the oxygen immediately. After all he is not superhuman and he will require some time to arrange the cylinders. An inadequate oxygen supply at your hospital can be a very dangerous situation and hence a hospital must be available with a permanent supply.


To have a continuous and adequate supply of oxygen at a fair price, installing cylinder filling stations at your own hospital is the best solution. Cylinder filling station not only covers the drawbacks of local cylinder suppliers but also provide remunerative benefits. Thus, your profit and goodwill will increase in the long run if you install on-site cylinder filling station.


Mainly, there are two components of oxygen filling station which will provide you real-time oxygen without hassle. These components are:

Medical oxygen generator

A medical oxygen generator is a new-age technology which supplies medical oxygen directly to the hospital through a pipeline of which you will be the sole owner. Medical oxygen generator sucks the air present in the atmosphere and separates it from rest of the gases. This technology is called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. The separated oxygen is then passed to a storage tank and from there it is directly supplied to the pipeline.

Medical oxygen generator supplied by us has several advantages which are listed below:

Medical oxygen generator uses air from atmosphere and electric power which is always available for a hospital * It is carefully designed and improvised to provide continuous oxygen supply. * It’s Return on Investment in less than 18 months which means the cost of the machine will be covered very soon. * Its size is compact and customizable which means that it can be adjusted according to your space availability. * It meets the standards set by World Pharmacopoeia for its purity and medical oxygen grade. * It is fully reliable and offers guaranteed safety. Medical oxygen generator will ensure that your hospital never runs out of oxygen. Therefore, replacing it with oxygen cylinder will solve your medical oxygen related requirements.

High-pressure oxygen booster compressor for cylinder filling

High-pressure oxygen booster compressor for cylinder filling is yet another component which offers some outstanding features. Oxygen booster fills the oxygen cylinders automatically at 150 bar g pressure without any hassle. Installing medical oxygen generator with oxygen booster would eliminate the need of ordering cylinder from a vendor.



Medical oxygen is very crucial for hospitals and its backup should always be there for the worst scenarios. For example, at the time of natural calamities like earthquake, cities generally do not get the power supply for few days. This situation may stop the medical oxygen generator from working (when you do not have a diesel-power generator). The hospital shall not face any problem as oxygen booster helps in storing medical oxygen in cylinders in advance and hence the medical oxygen present in the cylinders can be used thereafter. Thus, if your hospital is located in an earthquake or cyclone-prone area then this technology will be very beneficial for you.


Another need of oxygen booster is during the peak requirement. Hospitals do not require the same amount of oxygen at every point of time or each second or hour. Hospitals uses most of the medical oxygen during the operation time only. In such case, both medical oxygen generator and oxygen cylinders will be required to fulfill the peak oxygen requirement. Oxygen booster will play its part by continuously filling the oxygen in the cylinder at 150 bar g pressure. Hence you will never fall short of oxygen.


In case of disruptive oxygen cylinder supply by your cylinder vendor, oxygen booster is the most reliable and effective alternative that your hospital can ever have. You can even completely rely on this machine without ordering the cylinder from an outside source as it will satisfy all the requirements of medical oxygen.


Oxygen booster fills the cylinders at a much economical rate. Local oxygen cylinder vendor may or may not be able to supply the cylinder at the time of natural calamity or during other emergency situations but medical oxygen generators will surely work in every circumstance. You just have to invest for one time in the machine and then you can enjoy the profits for at least 10-15 years without any hassle. Cylinder filling station inside your hospital will save your time, money and efforts. By automatizing the oxygen supply system, you will have abundant time to focus on other crucial matters. Hence, you should not make any further delay in contacting us we can help you the best in installing cylinder filling stations inside your hospital.


We are one of the few companies in the world who work to provide real-time medical oxygen solutions at the fairest rates. We strive to work for the benefit of the society and hence we have chosen healthcare sector which needs a lot of improvement and development. We provide customizable solutions to our customers by providing the products according to their requirements. Our product will not only save the lives of people who die due to lack of oxygen but we also provide an excellent opportunity to hospitals to earn and shine. If you want to buy high-quality oxygen generator machines supplied by us then feel free to call us. You can also drop an email and we will be ready to provide the world-class services. Hope you like this article. Comment below if you have any query regarding this article Cylinder Filling Stations.

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