Oxygen Compressor For Cylinder Filling

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Oxygen Compressor For Cylinder Filling

Today we are going to discuss about oxygen compressor for cylinder filling using medical oxygen generators. In the world of hospitals, one of the most important necessities is having an adequate supply of medical grade oxygen. All doctors work to save the life of their patients. But what if the oxygen in the cylinders becomes unavailable at a very crucial moment? What if the actual number of surgeries exceeds the expected number of surgeries on a particular day? From where will you arrange the medical oxygen at the last minute? Ever thought about this? We bet not, but do not worry as we are going to provide you a very affordable and logical solution to this problem. Using Oxygen compressor for cylinder filling will help hospitals of all grades to becomes advance and independent. Lack of oxygen is a common scenario in many hospitals which leads to the downfall of their goodwill. Not only the reputation suffers but the valuable human life also gets on stake. How can we forget the Gorakhpur incident which happened a few months back and shook the entire country? We are sure that no hospital wants to be in such a position. Without any further dialogue, we will tell you what we can do to solve this problem of lack of oxygen during the critical hours in the hospitals.

What is Oxygen compressor and where it is used?

As we all know that air contains a mixture of all the gases. Medical oxygen generator separates the other gases and oxygen through the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology. The oxygen stored is transferred to the hospital directly through their existing medical gas pipeline system. This Medical oxygen generator machine is very reliable and cost-effective but to keep an additional backup for preventing the worst case scenarios, hospitals tend to keep oxygen cylinders as a back-up. Unlike the traditional oxygen cylinders which are ordered daily by the hospital purchase manager (or delivered by the vendors), these cylinders will fill automatically if you have the high pressure oxygen compressor or booster installed along with medical oxygen generator. Oxygen compressor or booster stores the oxygen in the cylinder at 150 bar g pressure with a recommended backup of 2 days.

Why do we need an oxygen compressor for cylinder filling?

Now you might be wondering that if the hospital already has a medical oxygen generator installed with us then why it can’t fill the cylinders automatically. Why do we need an oxygen compressor for cylinder filling? The answer is simple and logical. High pressure is required to store the oxygen gas in cylinders and to store something at a high-pressure an external pressure is necessary. That external pressure is provided by the oxygen booster. Whenever the main supply (medical oxygen generator) will turn off from medical gas pipeline system, the cylinder will automatically start releasing oxygen gas and that is how it works. To simplify, oxygen compressor or booster installed with medical oxygen generator helps in storing oxygen gas in the cylinders which are used as a backup. Oxygen is stored in the cylinder at the pressure of 150 bar g. Both cylinder and medical oxygen generator are connected to the same pipeline and the source of main supply depends on the wish of the customer.

Why do you need oxygen compressor for cylinder filling?

We all know that oxygen cylinder that are supplied through vendors include daily refilling, transportation cost, middleman charges and various other sundry charges. This makes your oxygen cylinder expensive than its actual cost. When you have already shifted to medical oxygen generator then you might not like the idea of ordering a few cylinders. That will cost you even more. In such a case, installing oxygen compressor for cylinder filling would be much cheaper. In the long run costs are cheaper as the original cost gets covered within a few months. Moreover, there is always a risk of getting shortage of oxygen at important times. If you have oxygen compressor then this risk also becomes insignificant as this technology fills the cylinders automatically. If your hospital is located in the hilly area or in the earthquake-prone zone then transportation of oxygen cylinder, again and again, is not very easy. You also need extra storage space or even a warehouse for storing these cylinders. Installing oxygen cylinder will ensure that you don’t have to put any extra efforts. Also, we will not forget to mention that this outstanding technology is pollution-free, low maintenance and safe.

Filling cylinders using Oxygen compressor or booster

Oxygen compressor or booster can be used to fill cylinders. Oxygen compressors can also be used to store high pressure oxygen in customized storage tank made by absstem. The choice is yours depending upon the space availability. The main difference between filling of cylinders and storage tank is that cylinder oxygen is stored at 150 bar g pressure. In the customized storage tank, it is stored at 30 bar g pressure. Therefore, a cylinder can be customized for more number of days but the ultimate function, that is, to provide backup remains the same. You should definitely shift from local oxygen cylinder vendors to oxygen booster. If you want to know further advantages of oxygen booster for cylinder filling then you can click here.

From where can you buy oxygen compressor?

If you are interested in using this remarkable technology to avoid the risk of inadequate oxygen then you can contact us. We at absstem understand your requirements and expectations and therefore we will provide you medical oxygen generator along with oxygen booster and other customizable options with guaranteed result oriented solution and customer service support. We are one of the few companies in the world who supplies this machine with the aim of changing the scenario of the healthcare sector. Contact us today and make a move in establishing excellent goodwill of your hospital.

Why choose us?

As mentioned earlier, we are one of the few companies in the world who supplies this machine. Therefore, our level of experience and understanding is what your hospital needs. We are a certified service provider and we have excellent customer-care services. Our machine meets the standards set by World Pharmacopoeia and promises to give desired results with full guarantee of safety. The space requirement is also not very high. We make the machine compact according to the availability of your space. Our aim is not just to earn profits. We want to spread awareness about medical oxygen generator so that no more people die because of lack of oxygen.

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