Where Is Medical Oxygen Used In Hospitals

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Medical Oxygen is used for a variety of patient applications. But Where is Medical Oxygen used exactly? Medical oxygen produced by Medical oxygen generator is used in ICU’s (Intensive Care Units), OT’s (Operation Theaters). It is also used during anesthesia as a substitute for nitrous oxide to reduce the high concentration of oxygen exposure. While the source of medical oxygen may be a manifold with a bank of compressed air cylinders, smart hospitals are receiving medical grade oxygen using a Medical oxygen gas generator.

How you can become a Smart Hospital?

Hospitals globally are realizing this. On-site medical oxygen generator provides a highly reliable and economic solution for their oxygen requirements to their patients. It eliminates the expense of purchasing, receiving, and monitoring your hospital’s oxygen supply. Costly overstock, manual handling injuries and expensive emergency cylinder deliveries all add to the expense. Many a times, the oxygen supplier vendor is in a remote location. Bottled gas delivery can also be very costly and hospitals can run out of medical oxygen using cylinders. 24×7 care is not taken by the operator and hospital is hence made responsible for it. As a leading medical oxygen generator manufacturer, Absstem Technologies offers complete systems for medical oxygen generation, storage, and distribution.

About Absstem:

Latest, efficient and improved technologies are greatest need all the time in every sector of industry, which also is the need of future. But what exactly establishes a technology or an innovative product, is how it gets adapted by industry and fits itself in the ocean of expectations. Absstem Technologies is rapidly moving into Healthcare sector where safe environment and awareness will bring the Hospitals closer to their patients as it becomes safer and healthier. Medical Oxygen is the Heart of the hospital and Absstem’s Medical Oxygen Gas Generator helps keep the Heart beating.

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Absstem Shield is the house/community/ of professionally certified individuals. At ABSSTEM we sit together, think together and work together for a better tomorrow that we imagine taking care of your Medical Oxygen Gas Generator. Wherever you are, we reach you in time with guaranteed OTR (One time resolution). Even we pay you back (breakdown cover) if we are unable to fix it in time! The finest service house of all time is Absstem Shield, so get in touch with us to experience the finest service support you can ever imagine!

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