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Questions around psa generators

A successful entrepreneur was once an employee. Some worked at a small restaurant or at a call centre. There are millions of people around the globe, who once were working for someone, now are successful entrepreneurs. The founder of Absstem said, students who have excellent academic records are hired first and they get superior jobs with better salary emoluments. These students get hired by the employers that were the least favorite of their professors and these are the employers that were lazy during their academic periods.


If the challenge exists, so must the solution – Mohit Sharma (Co- Founder) Mechanical engineer is a dedicated individual that seeks solutions in every problems. Being a mechanical engineer he likes playing with machines. Lets see what he has to say about machines and his love for it. Mohit – My first love is machines and its internal designing, and my second love is my wife, she knows it (giggling). All my efforts that I’ve made for the Hospital sector are finally in front of people around me. I have always felt motivated with machines around me. People call the new generation Televisions, Refrigerators, Smartphones etc. as products or consumables or basic needs but I call it a “Machine” because the mechanism has made our life easy today.

The Idea – Medical Oxygen Generator for Hospital

Indian healthcare society has grown rapidly. With advancements in technology and new discoveries, there has been a tremendous growth. Most people are happy with what they owe today but the basic things are still missing. Hence, after studying the ground reality, Medical Oxygen was the main thing that hospitals were missing. Realising this fact and the lack of supply of uninterrupted Oxygen has lead Absstem to bring the change and provide solutions. What Heart is for Humans, Medical oxygen is for Hospitals. Hospitals cannot survive without it hence taking in concern the past incidents e.g. children dying at Gorakhpur due to lack of oxygen supply and days after this heartbreaking episode same incident occurred in Chattisgarh also. Also, one human being died due to oxygen cylinder burst in Faridabad in October. All these unpleasant incidents can be stopped using Absstem’s Onsite Medical Oxygen generator.

How it works?

Medical Oxygen Generator uses atmospheric air to convert the oxygen we breathe to Medical grade oxygen. Using PSA technology and some Zeolite sieves Absstem makes it possible to provide the safest, economical and standard way of producing onsite Medical Oxygen to all hospital sizes. It meets all the standards set by International agencies like US Pharmacopeia, Indian Pharmacopeia and UK Pharmacopeia. The Purity, Flow and Pressure can be checked using the Oxygen gas analyzer and HMI screen which comes with very user friendly functionality. Onsite Medical Oxygen Generator (MedO) Medical Oxygen Generator is Safe Eliminates hazardous situations Eliminates repeated transportation Eliminates bulk storage of cylinders and Liquid oxygen bottles Eliminates cylinder rental

Medical Oxygen Generator (MedO) benefits

With the ongoing improvements in the Healthcare sector, Hospitals play a vital role in delivering the benefits of these improvements to the public. Medical oxygen is the heart of a hospital which is required in ICU’s, surgeries and emergency wards amongst other. Absstem believes that it is extremely important for them to look after the “Beating Heart” of a hospital by ensuring Oxygen supply is available uninterrupted. Human errors and carelessness in the supply of Medical Oxygen through cylinders or Liquid Oxygen tanks can be disastrous to a hospital. With the vision to eliminate these difficulties and to make hospitals independent, Absstem has engineered the most economical, safe and optimized way to produce oxygen On-site with the name MedO

Key Features:

24 x 7 Oxygen availability Annual Cost Savings Low power consumption Low maintenance Safe and Reliable Touch screen with audio visual alarms AMC contracts for better scheduled options Great things never came from comfort zones. To be an entrepreneur, you have to take yourself out from your comfort zone. You have to think out of the box. You have to become, what the world does not like you to be – Pradeep Sati (Co- Founder) Bio-Chemical engineer. I was happy with my work. I was growing at a good speed. I was also making progress however things are not the same if you have a vision in your life. I always had a vision to help the Healthcare sector of India. I wanted to make the life of all doctors trouble-free and make all Indian Hospitals safe and sound. Hospitals and Doctors are saving millions of life each day however a small tragedy inside hospital puts all of them into a very negative situation. Absstem’s Medical Oxygen Generator will hence turn out to be the solution for all their threats concerning Oxygen supply. Travelling the world has shown me the real definition of India and honestly it was not what we expect. So to preserve, develop and nurture the Indian healthcare society I finally made my mind to quit my job and do better things for our Indian Hospitals, out of my comfort zones. ABSSTEM Technologies LLP was incorporated in the winters of January 17, 2017. In a short span due to innovation in their work, they had received recognition as a Startup from the Department of Industry Policy & Promotion (DIPP) under Ministry of commerce & industry by government of India.

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