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High Pressure Compressors For Oxygen Cylinders

So have you already decided to install medical oxygen generator and oxygen booster inside your hospital premises? Are you now searching for the best oxygen compressor manufacturers in India? It is not easy to find the best oxygen compressor manufacturers. Today we will share what an oxygen booster does. We will also tell you where you can buy it from. Well, you have definitely landed at the right place as we are one of the only few companies in the world to provide you with a customized solution. We deal in high-quality, safe and secure medical oxygen generator system with a high-pressure oxygen compressor. It is sometimes also called a booster. Oxygen compressor or booster is used for medical oxygen cylinder filling.


By now you must have understood that a medical oxygen generator uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to produce medical oxygen. This technology helps in separating the oxygen present in the air from the rest of its components (nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases). The oxygen is then filtered so that it can be used as medical oxygen and is then stored in a storage tank. From storage tank, it is supplied to your oxygen pipeline. High pressure oxygen compressor booster, on the other hand, is used for filling the oxygen cylinders without human interference. Oxygen compressor or boosters provide a pressure to the oxygen produced by medical oxygen generator. It helps to store it at 150 bar g pressure in the cylinders. Cylinders filled through oxygen compressor can be used to satisfy the peak requirement. Or it can provide a backup, which is also called as another extra source of providing medical oxygen for the hospitals. Medical oxygen generator and high pressure oxygen compressor or boosters together make up a cylinder filling station which is installed inside the premises of your hospital.

Why you need Oxygen Compressor Manufacturers in your country?

If you have only a little idea of what we are taking then you can read a detailed description of a medical oxygen generator and oxygen booster. Wondering why we are the best oxygen compressor booster manufacturers? Wondering how we customize your medical oxygen generator? We have an answer for you!

Why Oxygen Compressors?

1. Reliability is the name of the game

The medical oxygen generator supplied by us meets the standards set by Pharmacopoeia. Pharmacopeia is a list of medicinal products/drugs specifying the direction of their use. This list is officially published and has to be followed to ensure the reliability of the product. Our medical oxygen generator is in full compliance with pharmacopoeia with purity grade of 90 – 96%. Our company is recognized as a startup by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under Ministry of Commerce and Industry by Government of India. Within a short span, we were able to achieve this certification because of our innovation at work. Hence, the product supplied by us is fully reliable. All the equipments meet the international quality standards and new compressor is tested for more than 3000 hours. As we know that the air in the atmosphere contains impurities and hence to ensure that the oxygen produced by medical oxygen generator is ‘fit’ to be used as medical oxygen, all the equipments that are in contact with medical oxygen generator are degreased and cleaned.

2. Lucrative benefits

(Absstem is the Oxygen Compressor Manufacturers and Medical Oxygen Generator for hospitals) The oxygen generator products supplied by us will not only reduce your efforts to a minimum level but will also help you to make profits. The Return on Investment (ROI) of medical oxygen generator is just 8 months to a maximum of 20 months. This means that if you are spending, say, INR 15 Lakhs then your cost will get covered in few months depending upon your per day and per month operational expenses and after that, you can enjoy the profits. Ordering cylinders from a cylinder vendor, on the other hand, is not much profitable. Most of the times as you have to pay the several added expenses in the cost of the original cylinder such as admin cost, transportation cost, refilling cost, operator cost, storage cost and most importantly, time. Thus shifting to medical oxygen generator and oxygen booster for cylinder filling will be profitable for you in the long-run. For better longevity of the medical oxygen generator, mechanics of the machine scientifically handles the pressure dynamics of PSA. Hence, it is designed in such a way that it offers a 10-15 year plus longevity.

3. Automatic system

Absstem technologies which are the Oxygen Compressor Manufacturers promises you about the reliability and automation of the machine. This is the most important advantage of the medical oxygen generator and oxygen booster supplied by us. The medical oxygen generator has many inbuilt features such as controlling, monitoring, graphical representation and data-logging which will provide you with all the relevant information including the oxygen purity level. You will not have to put any extra effort to operate the machine. The medical oxygen will get supplied to your pipeline with minimal human interference. Also, the oxygen cylinder will fill automatically with the help of high-pressure oxygen booster compressor.

Absstem Shield

Oxygen Compressor Manufacturers provide after sales support using the in-house Absstem Shield support. This is another reason which supports the fact that our company is providing A to Z services starting from sales to service or maintenance of the cylinder filling station components. Absstem shield offers you an excellent quality customer-care service. If you face any kind of problem, you can contact our specialised engineers who will provide immediate assistance on phone and will be there at your service physically within 4 – 16 hours. Absstem shield will ensure that you medical oxygen generator will run in an excellent condition. All these qualities definitely makes absstem technologies the best suppliers of the medical oxygen generator and oxygen booster.

About us

After many years of research, we have come up with the technology which will change the functioning of your hospital but in a positive way. We at absstem supply the best quality oxygen generator products with full customer care support. We believe in working for a good cause and that is why we want to spread awareness about this technology. The product we are supplying is not only safe and reliable but it would also offer lucrative benefits by providing remarkable ROI. Best Oxygen Compressor Manufacturers

Why Absstem

We know the importance of patient’s life and therefore we are playing our part by providing best services in the healthcare technology sector. We are rapidly growing as a team and we have many satisfied customers all over India. Visit our site to know more about our vision and development. If you want to buy Oxygen Compressor Manufacturers or Medical oxygen generator along with its customization per your requirement then you can call us, email us or directly visit us. We will try our best to meet your expectations. Thank you for reading this article. You can comment below if you have any queries.

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