Why PSA Oxygen Generators Are Essential for Healthcare Facilities

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Why PSA Oxygen Generators Are Essential for Healthcare Facilities

Given the fact that healthcare facilities are rather complicated and multifaceted, the presence of a stable oxygen supply is considered to be absolutely essential. The use of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generators has come as a revolution to produce oxygen for hospitals and clinics to ensure that patients receive continuous treatment. This blog will also explore the reasons why PSA medical oxygen generators are vital, their benefits, and the significant place they occupy in the contemporary medical world.

The Importance of Oxygen in Healthcare

Oxygen is an essential component in health care since it is used in respiratory therapy, anesthesia as well as in resuscitation. A consistent oxygen supply is indispensable for critical care units, emergency rooms, and surgical theaters. This is because traditional methods of delivering oxygen include cylinders and liquid oxygen and these methods have logistical and supply chain issues which make them less efficient during peak demand periods.

Oxygen in Healthcare

What Are PSA Oxygen Gas Generators?

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generators are advanced systems designed to produce high-purity oxygen on-site. They operate by adsorbing nitrogen from ambient air using a molecular sieve, allowing oxygen to pass through and be collected. This method ensures a continuous and stable supply of medical-grade oxygen, typically ranging from 93% to 95% purity.

Advantages of PSA Oxygen Generators

Reliability and Continuity:

Continuous Production: PSA oxygen Gas generators, provide a continuous stream of oxygen instead of having to refill oxygen cylinders over and over again.

Reduced Dependence on Supply Chains: On-site production also means that there is less dependence on outside suppliers and transportation, which can be a major advantage in terms of avoiding stock-outs.


Lower Operational Costs: Although there are initial costs to acquire the PSA oxygen generator, the running costs are generally cheaper “⅓ rd than buying oxygen cylinders and transporting them to the required location.

The operating costs of PSA systems are considerably cheaper half than the cryogenic systems used in the storage of liquid oxygen.


Elimination of High-Pressure Cylinders: High-pressure oxygen cylinders present several risks in their handling and storage. These risks are minimized by PSA generators because the oxygen is generated at a lower pressure.

No Cryogenic Hazards: Unlike liquid oxygen, PSA systems do not involve extremely low temperatures, reducing the associated risks.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Customizable Output: PSA generators can be scaled to meet the specific oxygen demands of a facility, from small clinics to large hospitals.

Modular System: The concept allows facilities to increase the number of units they require overtime or decrease depending on the circumstances.

Data-Backed Benefits of PSA Oxygen Generators

Studies and real-world applications have demonstrated the tangible benefits of PSA medical oxygen generators:

Increased Efficiency: Studies have found that hospitals that have adopted the PSA oxygen generators have recorded better performance, as opposed to disruptions that result from oxygen scarcity.

Cost Savings: In a study that was conducted and published in the Journal of Healthcare Engineering it was revealed that PSA systems could help healthcare facilities to cut down their oxygen supply costs by up to 40%.

Environmental Impact: PSA generators reduce CO2 emissions when compared to conventional ways of  oxygen supply thus supporting green healthcare.

Case Studies

Hospital ASolving Oxygen Shortages with PSA Oxygen Generators

Location: Urban area with high patient inflow  

Problem: Frequent oxygen shortages due to supply chain disruptions

Hospital A, located in a bustling urban area, faced significant challenges with maintaining a steady supply of oxygen. There was a high demand for oxygen cylinders given the many patients they cater to every day. Because of this, they were always facing acute shortages of oxygen cylinders owing to regular disruptions in the supply chain. To do this, they had to order cylinders from other suppliers at much higher prices and convenience. This situation compromised patient care and impacted the health facilities’ operations by raising the costs of delivering care.

Solution: Installation of PSA oxygen generators by Absstem

To overcome these challenges, Absstem fitted MedO 12.5 PSA oxygen generators in Hospital A. They provide oxygen in a continuous flow from the oxygen generators, with the required amount of oxygen produced per day at the desired purity level. This removed the requirement for the external purchase of cylinders, resulting in a decrease in cylinder expenses and eliminating the logistics costs.

Outcome: 24/7 availability of medical-grade oxygen, reduced operational costs by 30%, and enhanced patient care quality

With the help of the MedO 12.5 PSA oxygen generators, Hospital A has a constant supply of medical oxygen available for use around the clock, which eliminates the interruption of the patient’s treatment. They have been able to cut their costs of operation by 40% due to the removal of costs of buying cylinders from outside and the extra costs of transporting them inside. The hospital has been able to generate its full capacity within 15 months of investment and now operates a full-fledged hospital without any worries about supply chain issues or extra expenses. Oxygen gas equivalent to 1 D type oxygen cylinder produced by MedO 12.5 is around INR 6…

This improvement has not only enhanced the quality of care they provide but also significantly optimized their operational efficiency.

Hospital B:

Hospital in a Rural Area – Achieving Self-Sufficiency with On-Site Oxygen Generation

Location: Rural area with limited access to external suppliers  

Problem: High costs and logistical challenges of transporting oxygen cylinders

Located in a rural area, this hospital faced significant challenges in maintaining a steady supply of oxygen for its 100-bed facility. This hospital is in a rural area and the crucial problem was to provide a constant stock of oxygen for a 100-bed hospital. A large amount of oxygen cylinders were required daily, but the problem with the high cost of the oxygen cylinders and the transportation of these cylinders from outside suppliers were also issues faced by the hospital. The location was equally a problem since it was remote, thus, causing delays and sometimes shortages of some of these items which greatly compromised patient care.

Solution: On-site PSA oxygen generation system by Absstem

To counter these challenges, Absstem put in place an on-site PSA oxygen generation system that would help the Hospital provide a reliable supply of oxygen to its clients while at the same time saving a lot of costs in the process. This system facilitates the provision of medical-grade oxygen at the hospital with a flow rate of 125 LPM without having to source the cylinders from outside. MedO7 system furnished an independent way which reduced the issues of the oxygen supply chain and its cost as oxygen was being brought from different suppliers.

Outcome: Self-sufficiency in oxygen supply, significant cost reduction, and improved patient outcomes

With the installation of the PSA oxygen generation system, the hospital achieved complete self-sufficiency in its oxygen supply. This transition was very effective in cutting down the operational costs significantly and also in eliminating the problem associated with the carriage of cylinders. Consequently, the hospital could be in a position to provide a reliable and continuous oxygen supply to the 100 beds which would highly enhance the quality of patient care in the facility. The hospital has been able to generate its full capacity within 12 months of investment

The availability of immediate oxygen supply has improved the patient’s status, and the hospital does not have the risks of fluctuations in external supply as a concern. This has helped the hospital to cut down on costs and improve the overall performance of the hospital and more importantly, it makes sure that the hospital is in a position to deliver quality services to its patients without compromising on the stocks or having to incur a lot of cost in the procurement of such stocks

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In reality, PSA oxygen gas generators are not just an innovation but a tool that is critically important in healthcare to support the sustainability initiatives of hospitals. These systems are helpful in guaranteeing consistent and cheap supply of oxygen while ensuring that it is safe and in sufficient amounts to aid healthcare practitioners handle emergencies and deliver quality care. From this standpoint, one can conclude that the use of the PSA oxygen generators in the healthcare sector will unquestionably become one of the key drivers of the progress of the future medical industry.


1.Why is oxygen used in healthcare?

 Healthcare professionals use oxygen to treat respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 and pneumonia. Oxygen is also essential for surgery and trauma.

2.What are the advantages of PSA oxygen generators?

Advantages of PSA

This implies that you can generate oxygen where and when you want, in the manner and standard you desire. No more waiting for external suppliers or paying excess prices of your O2. PSA is another cost effective process in the production of O2.

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