The All New nGENX The Future of Nitrogen Generation in Food Packaging

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nGENX The Future of Nitrogen Generation in Food Packaging

We’re excited to introduce our latest innovation in industrial technology: The All New nGENX. This product is here to change the game in Nitrogen Generation. It uses PSA technology to give a steady supply for Nitrogen Generator for food packaging of pure nitrogen gas. Food packaging has a unique requirement and that’s how we designed and manufactured the all new nGENX.

With years of research, hard work, and listening to our customers, we at Absstem have come up with the all new nGENX. nGENX now generates consistent Nitrogen at required purity levels and also has kept in mind to keep the design as compact as possible. The Installation is now purely plug-n-play reducing manpower and the time spent in setting up and commissioning the system.

Discover unparalleled expertise in food packaging with the all new nGENX byensuring freshness and extending shelf life with precise nitrogen control for optimal food preservation.

Features of nGENX

EIGA E-941 Compliant Nitrogen: nGENX conforms to industry with EIGA Certified Nitrogen standards and is inclined toward the quality and purity of nitrogen gas production

Compact and Ergonomically Designed: Intended to offer maximum efficiency and usability, the nGENX boasts a compact footprint (less than 5m2) and has ergonomic features, enabling space usage and operation to be carried out in a more seamless way.

Plug n Play: What makes nGENX special is the fact that it is rather simple to mount and takes only a matter of minutes without the need for special skills or a prolonged installation process. Installation and commissioning can now take place without the presence of experienced technicians.

60-minute Plant Commissioning: The nGENX is designed for plant applications where businesses require fast start-up of on-site nitrogen gas generation so as to begin enjoying their benefits. Required Purity and Flow are achieved within 60-minutes.

Lowest Power Consumption: Efficiency is the focus of nGENX’s design, with equipment intended to operate efficiently while consuming very minimal power, reducing costs and benefiting the environment.

IoT-Ready and Remote Monitoring Enabled: Adopting the era of connectivity, the nGENX is IoT-ready, and remote monitoring is now possible, which should lead to higher operational efficiency and provide peace of mind.

Designed for 24×7 Operation: Built to withstand the demands of continuous operation, the nGENX is designed for round-the-clock use, ensuring an uninterrupted nitrogen supply.

Hydrocarbon-Free Nitrogen: The nGENX helps to generate pure nitrogen gas without hydrocarbons, thus responding to the needs of many industrial sectors via a high-end nitrogen gas supply.

10-year warranty: Having a 10-year warranty will bring peace of mind to the client, for we are committed to quality and durability.

Purity percentage:  95 – 99.9990% – apt exclusively for food packaging.

nGENX assures ROI within the first 15 months. 

Not the least, the nGENX guarantees a return on investment within the first 15 months of operation, making it a financially safe choice for businesses of all sizes. Adopt the future of nitrogen generation with the all-new nGENX.

Key features of All New nGENX:

  • Lowest specific power in the industry
  • Inlet air as per ISO 8573.1:2010 – Class 1.4.1
  • Pressure up to 350kg/cm²g is available on demand through N2 compressors.
  • Maximum relative humidity is 95%.
  • Purity testing is done by NABL APPROVED lab.
  • Sound level of 65 dB from a distance of 1 meter
  • Working temperature is -5° C to 50° C
  • Nitrogen Flow up to 3000 Nm³/hr
  • Purity up to 99.9990%
  • USB Storage is available to store parameters values.
  • CE-certified electronics with 24 VDC Operating Voltage
  • All tanks are fabricated per ASME standards.
  • All tanks have a corrosion-resistant internal environment.
  • ISO 9001:2015: Manufacturing is in accordance with certified QMS (Quality Management System)
Discover the power of innovation in food packaging with Absstem’s All New nGENX.

In Conclusion

The all-new nGENX represents a ground-breaking leap forward in nitrogen generation technology, indicating the future of industrial gas solutions. Operating on unrivalled product effectiveness and efficiency and dedicated to ensuring that quality is met, the nGENX raises the bar by being the first of its kind in the sector of on-site PSA Nitrogen Generator Generation. As the design of this down-to-earth system features easier installation, ensuring consistent levels of purity, and providing remote monitoring possibilities, it enables companies to be able to run their business operations in the most effective and lowest-cost manner with reduced environmental impact.

The nGENX is not simply a product but a declaration of dependability and efficiency with a green touch. A warranty of 10 years signifies reliability, and the ROI that takes place within the first 15 months guarantees that the value is long-term and lasting. At the cutting edge of technological evolution with the Nitrogen Genesis, we are gearing up for the times that have come with an escalation in demand for nitrogen. We are determined to steer the course of the nitrogen generation process and enjoy the glory of this dawn era. Without any further delay, brighten your business tomorrow by embracing nGENX now and getting access to an endless sea of possibilities.


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