The Role of Nitrogen in Grain and Pulse Packaging

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To ensure that grains and pulses remain of good quality, packaging is a very important factor that cannot be overlooked. Another widely applied technique implemented in the packaging sector is the application of nitrogen. This therefore makes it easier to understand and appreciate technologies such as PSA Nitrogen Generators through the various uses of nitrogen in grain and pulse packaging.

Why Use Nitrogen in Packaging?

Nitrogen is an inert gas, this means it does not react with the packaged products This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for preserving food items, especially grains and pulses which are known to be very vulnerable to oxidation and subsequent spoilage. The primary reasons for using nitrogen in packaging include:

Preventing Oxidation: Oxygen is known to accelerate the oxidation of fats and oils that are present in grains and pulses and is likely to produce rancid and off-flavors. It replaces the oxygen in the packaging which makes it impossible for the packaged item to be exposed to oxygen.

Inhibiting Insect Infestation: Insects and pests just like all living organisms need oxygen to sustain life. The packaging system developed by the company involves replacing the oxygen in the packaging with nitrogen, which cannot be used by these pests.

Maintaining Freshness: Nitrogen is useful in the preservation of grains and pulses in terms of color, taste, and nutrient retention by combating oxidation and microbial activity.

Extending Shelf Life: Nitrogen packaging helps in the reduction of oxygen levels, and this results in the grains and pulses lasting for a longer period without quality degradation.

PSA Nitrogen Generators: A Game-Changer in Packaging

The most commonly used Nitrogen Generators for creating nitrogen for packaging are the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generators. These generators operate on the principle of selectively excluding nitrogen from other gases in the air, thus ensuring a constant flow of nitrogen that is free from contaminants. The benefits of using PSA Nitrogen Generators in grain and pulse packaging include:

Cost-Effectiveness: PSA Nitrogen Generators are more economical as compared to other methods of nitrogen supply like bottled or liquid nitrogen.

On-Demand Nitrogen Supply: PSA Nitrogen Generator is effective because it provides a continuous supply of nitrogen, thus doing away with the need to store nitrogen in large quantities and the associated risk of running out of nitrogen.

High Purity Levels:
These generators offer a high purity of nitrogen that is required to preserve the quality and freshness of grains and pulses.

Environmental Sustainability: PSA Nitrogen Generators are eco-friendly since they only use air and do not emit any dangerous substances.

Nitrogen Plants: Scaling Up for Large-Scale Packaging

For larger operations, An Onsite Nitrogen Plant can be an ideal solution. These plants are capable of producing large volumes of nitrogen, catering to the needs of extensive packaging facilities. Here are some advantages of using a Nitrogen Plant in grain and pulse packaging include:

High Volume Production:
Onsite Nitrogen Plants are capable of generating high volumes of nitrogen and as such, can be effective in large-scale packaging.

Reliability: In the case of a Nitrogen Plant, it will help businesses guarantee that they will have a constant and stable source of nitrogen which is vital in the packaging line.

Nitrogen Plants can be tailor-made to fit the particular requirements of the packaging line so that it runs efficiently.

Long-Term Cost Savings: While capital investment may be relatively high in Nitrogen Plants, the operational and supply costs are likely to be significantly lower in the long run.

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Nitrogen is used in grain and pulse packaging, and this has been proven to help preserve the quality of the produce by reducing spoilage and increasing the shelf life of the products. For these packaging processes, PSA Nitrogen Generators are crucial for supplying the required nitrogen. When implemented, this technology helps in improving the quality of the products that are being produced in the business and also helps in cutting down on wastage, thus making the customers more satisfied with the products that they are buying.

Effective incorporation of nitrogen into the packaging strategy goes hand in hand with the preservation of grains and pulses, the positive impact of which reflects on the perception of your brand in terms of delivering fresh and quality produce. Finally, the buying of a PSA Nitrogen Generator or acquisition of a Nitrogen Plant is an option that is highly beneficial since nitrogen packaging is an added value, any food packaging company should consider.

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