PSA Oxygen in the Medical Industry: Revolutionizing Healthcare

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PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology has revolutionized the medical industry by offering a cost-effective and reliable source of oxygen for various healthcare applications. This article aims to comprehensively explore PSA oxygen technology, its working principle, applications, advantages, and key players, with a focus on enhancing knowledge for anyone interested in this topic.

What is PSA Oxygen Technology?

  • Overview of PSA technology for extracting oxygen from air for medical use
  • Eliminates need for traditional oxygen cylinders, making it more convenient, affordable and eco-friendly

Working Principle of PSA Oxygen Generation

  • Uses adsorption characteristics of molecular sieves to separate oxygen from other gases in air
  • Employs two adsorption vessels and a cycling process to generate continuous supply of high-purity oxygen

Benefits of PSA Oxygen in the Medical Industry

  • Provides reliable, on-demand oxygen supply
  • Eliminates dependence on external oxygen production
  • Decreases logistical challenges of cylinder delivery
  • Reduces oxygen costs
  • Ensures consistent purity levels

Applications of PSA Oxygen in Healthcare

  • Widely used to support anesthesia, ICUs, respiratory therapy, neonatal care, emergency medicine, wound healing, and more
  • Crucial role in disaster response and remote medical facilities

Understanding the PSA Oxygen Generation Process

Adsorption Phase

  • Explanation of how oxygen selectively adsorbs onto the molecular sieve material in the pressurized vessels

Desorption Phase

  • Explanation of how decreasing pressure causes adsorbed oxygen to detach and be released from the vessels

Purging Phase

  • Explanation of how the vessel is purged to prepare for the next adsorption phase

Factors to Consider when Choosing PSA Oxygen Generators

Purity and Flow Rate Requirements

  • Important to select generators that meet the purity and capacity needs of the application

System Reliability and Control

  • Look for systems with safety sensors, alarms, redundancy, and intuitive controls

Energy Efficiency

  • More efficient systems save on energy costs in the long run

Maintenance and Service

  • Regular maintenance is vital, so consider after-sales service contracts


Difference between PSA oxygen and traditional cylinder oxygen?

  • Explanation of how PSA generates oxygen on-site vs external production for cylinders

Can PSA oxygen be used for critical medical procedures?

  • Response on PSA oxygen’s suitability for all medical applications, including critical care when properly installed

What is the cost of a PSA oxygen generator?

  • Overview of typical capital and operating costs, offset by long-term savings

Which companies manufacture PSA oxygen generators?

  • Listing of notable PSA oxygen generator manufacturers including Absstem

Is PSA oxygen technology readily available worldwide?

  • Explanation of the global presence of PSA technology across healthcare sectors


PSA oxygen technology has become an indispensable tool in healthcare, providing high-quality, affordable oxygen for diverse medical applications and facilities. This guide comprehensively explores its working principle, benefits, selection factors, and applications.

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