Research and Innovations

Who We Are

Dependable, sturdy and long-lasting machines - are just the beginning. At Absstem, our research and innovations team are led by long-time designers and engineers who follow a very simple mission of reinventing industry standards in the form of new products, solutions and services.

Being the forerunners in the Gas Separation space, we have taken it upon ourselves to lead into the future. From locally manufacturing internationally certified units, to increasing efficiencies, Absstem has managed to improve on everything that the industry has been providing over the years.

PSA oxygen generation


In the world of Healthcare, Covid 19 was a real eye-opener when it comes to the need for Oxygen Generation.

We've managed to generate oxygen through the PSA technology obtained by a critical system aligned perfectly in tune, after years of research and development in the refinement of the process. We achieved this breakthrough in the process, thanks to extensive analysis of the key factors over various stages of simulation and engineering. We achieved our mission, which was always, to make an efficient and rugged oxygen generation machine that, though made in India, is sturdy enough to withstand varied atmospheric conditions, thanks to months of rigorous testing.

PSA industrial oxygen generation


When it comes to the industrial sector, the requirements are always specific and the applications always demand a specific focus. The solutions to their problems are met with improved outputs and better efficiency - making it a success story for all parties involved. Absstem's research and development team took this into account and conceptualized a sustainable engineering solution for their oxygen needs which took care of their problem statements such as operator needs, consistent flow and continuous purity levels.

PSA Nitrogen generation


In today's times, Nitrogen, an inert gas, is part of almost every industry's support system. In India, high-purity nitrogen generation is not only a rare technology but also very costly. Absstem's research and development team has taken this upon themselves to come out with a solution that can bridge this gap. After years of process development and testing, Absstem’s Nitrogen Generation Systems have now proved themselves to be on par with their international counterparts. Being a system completely designed and manufactured in India, Absstem has made sure that we can produce best-in-class technology that meets international quality and delivery standards. Our continuous research in Nitrogen and its applications where high purity levels are critical have proved to be a perfect fit and gained appreciation in the tech space.