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Absstem, the pioneer of PSA technology in India, deals in the complete range of gas equipment plants suitable for different areas of applications. Recognized by the Government of India, DIPP (Department of Industry Policy and Promotion) and Startup India, our end-to-end capabilities include design, assembly, testing, customization and servicing, thereby making us the market leaders in Gas Separation.

Beginning in 2017 with MedO, our super-efficient oxygen generator has since been at the forefront of technology in the field. With our team of young minds focused on developing and introducing new technologies, we have successfully transformed the way the Indian industries work. We believe in constantly innovating to make sure we always outperform the current norms. Hence, we have now mastered gas generation for Oxygen and Nitrogen.

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    Gas Separation Technology

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    New Product Development

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    Research and Development



  • 2017


    Absstem began with a vision to make India independent in technology.

  • 2018

    One year of rigorous research and innovation, our flagship product, MedO; the medical oxygen generator was developed. MedO was then taken through 6 months of meticulous testing.


  • 2019


    Absstem began the sales division and managed to install 10 units in 6 states.

  • 2020

    Within one year, Absstem increased their installations across the country by 5 times


  • 2021


    Absstem's major breakthrough by associating with the Government of India and deploying over 130 units during the Covid 19's Delta Variant.

  • 2022

    Absstem reinvents its brand. Absstem adds the Industrial Division. Absstem now has successfully installed over 200 running units.


Meet them


Mohit Sharma

Designated Partner and Director

A Passionate Engineer and a Product Innovator. Having over 10 years of experience in the industry (6 years exclusively in the gas generation industry and 4 years in the steel industry), Mohit Sharma is a driven mechanical engineer who’s also gotten hands-on experience with Design and New Product Development.

Pradeep Sati

Designated Partner and Director

An ardent researcher and a firm believer of innovation and development. Having over 9 years of experience (with over 6 years exclusively in the gas generation and steel industry), Pradeep is a chemical engineer who’s worked exclusively with the R&D domain and New Product Development.




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With a group of young and innovative minds, we come up with practical solutions to some major problems, backed by the latest technologies. A number of industry leaders have chosen us in their success journey, be it in the automotive industry, cement plants, medical spaces, pharmaceuticals or robotics even.

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