What to consider when purchasing a generator? (budget, purchase cycle)

What to consider when purchasing a generator? (budget, purchase cycle)


When purchasing a gas generator, one must consider:

Placement- where do I want my gas generated located? Normally is a roof installation or basement installation. Sometimes beside the hospital building

Power- what power is required to run the generator? Once we know the cost of 1 unit of power (KWH) then we can calculate the annual power requirement for you

Spares – Are the filters (spares) readily available or will I require to order in prior? Precaution is better than cure. We recommend you to always have one set of filters with you. Changing them per schedule will increase the lifetime of the gas generator

Budget- what is my budget? The cost using cylinders or Liquid Oxygen if calculated annually is huge. Plus this cost is being paid by the hospital every year, whereas the Medical Oxygen generator is a one-time investment and the R.O.I range from few months to maximum of 24 months

Purchase Cycle- when do I need the gas generator? Once the hospital is aware of the R.O.I. our support team awaits for your response and you will receive our quotation in next 24 hours. We know we are saving the money for the hospital and that’s what matters

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