Medical Gas Pipeline System

Absstem technologies provide you MOGPS (Medical Oxygen Gas Pipeline System) that will support your hospital set-up, when it comes to Medical Oxygen needs. Either it is for a new hospital or for an existing set-up, it is easy to implement a safer provision of medical gases bringing high efficiency of Medical Gas Pipeline System.

Where It Is Used

Onsite Medical Oxygen Generator are the complete solution for all the Oxygen related
issues in the hospitals. The generator is acceptable worldwide.


Hospital Consultant companies

Hospital Construction Companies

Hospital Architects

Hospital Architects

The medical gases used in a hospital are life-supporting element that gives direct influence in maintaining the life of a patient. Medical Gas Pipeline is required to transfer the gases from one place to another, as it overcomes the problems compared to the use of cylinders. It is not possible using cylinders for each patient bed. Neither it is easier to replace cylinders under such high risk facilities like ICU’s, OT’s, Emergency wards etc. because cylinders aren’t preferred due to its lack of safety

What Material Is Used
  • Absstem believes in quality standards, hence high quality materials are used for the manufacturing of pipes for the Medical Gas Pipeline System.

  • Fittings used for connecting copper tubing are made of Copper and brazed type

  • Per our Absstem quality policy, all valves will be pneumatically tested and degreased for medical gas service prior to supply

  • Sizes will be appropriate for copper pipes with screw threaded ends and brass connections

Why Is MOGPS Required
Medical gas transfer
becomes easy
Medical gas
must remain highly pure
Medical gas must
be clean
Medical gas must be
supplied under stable
How We Do It

Color Coordination: Per the gas type or class, a throughout color coordination is prepared.
Audio-Visual Monitoring System: Regular 24×7 capability to provide check on the system.
No Cross Connection: To make it safe and secure, we recommend a device at the Medical gas outlet.

Absstem has the capability to offer and implement MOGPS to national as well as international markets. Our high efficiency Oxygen Supply System with certified professionals will meet your demands and satisfaction.

MOGPS – Key Points
High pressure
options, not
an issue
Easy to
Alarm system for
detection of
leakages etc
Where To Buy

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