MedO Versus Cylinders

Using MedO hospitals are experiencing 60-80% reduction in costs.

Weekly or monthly charges are huge if or when calculated on annual basis

Gases stored in Medo cylinders are at small pressure ratio design. Handling of each cylinder is easy.

Gases stored in cylinders are at a pressure which is dangerous for life. Proper handling of each cylinder is very crucial.

There is no waste of residual gases while using MedO

Using Cylinder gases, there is wastage of residual gases

No kind of manpower requirement for cylinder handling, stock maintenance

Cylinder gases requires manpower for cylinder handling and stock maintenancee

No kind of manpower required for daily administration work or billing

Cylinder gases requires manpower for daily administration of work or billing

Eliminates noise pollution from cylinder handling

Cylinder gases creates noise pollution from cylinder handling

Eliminate irregular supply of cylinders

Cylinder gases are subject to irregular supply of cylinders

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