Hospital Cylinder Filling
Do you think Hospital cylinder filling is a crucial thing?

With Absstem, it is not! And you will believe us once you get the idea, how we are doing it.

Because Hospital cylinder filling needs continuous supply, hence it needs a continuous source. So lets us tell you how and what makes it possible without any further chattering.

Medical Oxygen Generator, yes, this machine will fill any amount of your Oxygen cylinders. Once you share with us the number of cylinders to be filled per day, we will provide you a suitable machine accordingly.

Many hospitals now have changed their mindset. We came up with a solution where hospital can generate their own medical grade Oxygen and refill medical oxygen inside hospital.

Questions Regarding Hospital Cylinder Filling
Why a Hospital will require refilling inside the premises ?

Well, for hospitals, Oxygen is the premium requirement. Without Oxygen a hospital cannot run. Like heart is for humans, Oxygen is for Hospitals.
With Onsite Medical Oxygen plant 24×7 continuous oxygen refilling.
With Onsite Medical Oxygen plant Hospital will never run out of oxygen.
It cut down the cost for cylinder rental
It cut down the cost for cylinder filling
save administration costs

Isn’t it dangerous ?

It is not dangerous at all. It is the premium and safest way of providing continuous Oxygen supply. The safety instrumentation and design engineering is capable to produce medical grade oxygen.

So, why are you afraid?
For instance, the hot geyser inside your home has more capability to catch fire while our machine is flame-proof. Absstem’s Medical Oxygen Generator has all the International certification with purity standards.
Click here to know more about certifications.

Is it costly ?

Not at all. The cost is low because hospitals saving money from daily transportation of cylinders, dedicated operator costs, administration costs and more importantly for a hospital safety comes first. Cylinders are being handled by the operator and the vendors in the most unsafe way.

For a hospital, safety is more important and with medical oxygen generator we guarantee savings too!

Scheme For Hospital Cylinder Filling Station

Medical Oxygen Generator packaged system with cylinders refilling

This is a fixed set-up. Medical oxygen generator is placed at one place where cylinders can be refilled as required. The beauty of the system is that it is compact and the life of our machines exceeds compared to any other brand

Note: Customized machine comes with specific delivery time. Our professional engineer visits your set-up and accordingly we provide you detailed architectural plan. We suggest you the best model and scheme per the location and requirement.

Benefits Of Cylinder Filling Stations

Hospitals do not need to take off the cylinders for refilling the batch


Hospitals do not need operators to carry, handle or change cylinders


Hospitals do not need any daily/periodic transportation of cylinders


Hospitals do not need to pay any rent for cylinders


Hospitals do not need to make bulk storage of cylinders


Hospitals do not need to add-on additional cylinders

Medical Oxygen Generator are the heart of hospitals. We provide customized solutions for Medical oxygen plant for all kinds of space issues. Cylinder filling stations can be equipped in the basement, beside the building or on the roof anywhere you want to. Hence we are suggesting and implementing a better, safer and time saving options for space issue scenarios.

Who Needs Cylinder Filling Station?


Earthquake prone zone areas

Big Hospitals that stores a lot of cylinders for back-up

Hospitals that have less storage space

Small city hospitals having few cylinder requirement (Ideal for 1-10 cylinder/day set-up)

Hospital having separate building in the same premises

Hospitals using small cylinders in their ambulance for referring patients

Hospitals that are in hilly areas or where reach of cylinders is inadequate

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