The onsite gas generator stops when there is no power. Medical Oxygen stored in the storage tank can be utilized to feed your pipeline system/process till power gets restored and with the help of change over panel, automatic switching to your backup oxygen supply will be done once the pressure of oxygen decreases

No continuous supervision is required. Once started, it can be left unattended as several instruments monitor and control the running of the gas generator automatically

The noise level is less than 70 dbA at 1-meter distance

It is a single push button start and takes only 5-minutes to produce Medical grade Oxygen

Please follow the maintenance schedule and it is very easy to change the filters by own self. We have our small service videos and Skype Video calling facility for your convenience. Our team will support you 24×7 wherever you are based

Once we hear about any urgent service requirement, our specialized service engineer will immediately get in touch with you on phone and if an immediate visit is required then, we visit in 16-48 hours

Per the European pharmacopeia the level of purity required is between 90 – 96% to be called as Medical Grade Oxygen. Such purity can be seen using Oxygen analyzer that is equipped on the machine and in any manner if the machine is unable to provide the purity per the standards, then it stops and switches automatically to the other (machine or cylinder manifold). Hence, the hospital is always having a continuous supply of Medical grade oxygen.

Medical Oxygen generators require: Electric Power and annual 2 filter and analyzer sensor change.

It’s a normal KWA rating that the machine needs like your other hospitals equipment’s. For the actual power rating please contact us on info@absstem.com with your number of hospital bed count, we will be pleased to help

Yes. Usually, larger models are far more cost-effective and efficient than multiple smaller units.

Bottled gases are subject to fluctuating prices. Delivered gases and cylinders are heavy, burdensome and often troublesome Delivered gas supply can be irregular, causing disruptions in production. If you are in a remote location, bottled gas delivery can also be very costly You can run out of medical oxygen using cylinders, if care is not taken by the operator On-site gas generation is a safe and cost effective solution to traditional gas supply methods.

On-site gas generators store very little gas at any given time, which is a primary safety benefit over high-pressure cylinders. With Oxygen stored at (150 times) pressure, which is higher than the On site generator, hence it is safe using On site machines. In addition, leak detection and ventilation provide additional measures of system safety

Yes, we can customize your requirement and share with you all the specifications that leads to the customized model. Our standard models are available all the time too

An online Oxygen analyzer is equipped with our onsite gas generator hence it keeps monitoring continuously. It shuts down the generator automatically with alarm if purity drops below the set limit

On-site gas generation is a reliable solution to produce the Medical Grade Oxygen which a hospital needs on demand. The on-site gas generators run in a continuous manner 24×7 or 365 days. The quality of instrumentation with safety interlocks helps the machine to provide tremendous results without any flow or pressure fluctuations. Unlike cylinders, gas generators offer the operators convenience, safety, and peace of mind, a result of their ability to generate medical oxygen gas at a consistent purity. Using an on-site gas generator not only saves valuable facility space, but also optimizes the operation. No more waiting for delivery, no extra weekly or monthly transportation costs, no moving of high-pressure cylinders, or risking contamination during cylinder change-outs. On-site gas generators provide security of supply in a simple plug-and-play package.

When determining which generator model will suit your hospital, the things we should know is the following:What is the number of beds in a hospital?How much Oxygen is required in the hospital (Gas or Liquid)? Please email us on info@absstem.com and we will get in touch with you per the details you shared with us.

Absstem’s On-Site gas generators are designed to offer a competitive ROI. The values varies between 6 months to 2 years as per the size of the hospital and country of origin of hospital. Please inquire to your nearest dealer or contact us directly on info@absstem.com for details

When purchasing a gas generator, one must consider: Placement- where do I want my gas generated located? Normally is a roof installation or basement installation. Sometimes beside the hospital building Power- what power is required to run the generator? Once we know the cost of 1 unit of power (KWH) then we can calculate the annual power requirement for you Spares – Are the filters (spares) readily available or will I require to order in prior? Precaution is better than cure. We recommend you to always have one set of filters with you. Changing them per schedule will increase the lifetime of the gas generator Budget- what is my budget? The cost using cylinders or Liquid Oxygen if calculated annually is huge. Plus this cost is being paid by the hospital every year, whereas the Medical Oxygen generator is a one-time investment and the R.O.I range from few months to maximum of 24 months Purchase Cycle- when do I need the gas generator? Once the hospital is aware of the R.O.I. our support team awaits for your response and you will receive our quotation in next 24 hours. We know we are saving the money for the hospital and that’s what matters