Pharmacopeia Complaince/Certification
Gas Type US Pharmacopeia Usp xxii Oxygen 93% Monograph Indian Pharmacopeia Oxygèn 93% European Pharmacopeia Oxygèn 93% Absstem Technologies (MEDO)
Oxygen O2 90-96% more than 90% 90-96% +93% ± 3%
Carbonmonoxide CO ‹ 0.001% ‹ 5 ppm ‹ 3ppm
Carbondioxide CO2 ‹ 0.03% ‹ 300 ppm ‹ 168 ppm
Sulphur Dioxide SO2 ‹ 1 ppm 0 ppm
Nitrogen Oxides NOX ‹ 2 ppm 0 ppm
Water H2O -500 C ( ‹ 67 ppm) ‹ 35ppm
Oil ‹ 0.1mg/m3 ‹ 0.1mg/m3 ‹ 0.08mg/m3
ISO Certified

Manufacturing of MedO is organized according to a quality management system certified by ISO 10083:2006

Why Do We Need Oxygen Compliance Via Pharmacopeia

Pharmacopeia means an official publication containing a list of medicinal drugs with their effects and directions for their use. In past there had been a lot of discussions based upon level of medical oxygen purity. Different countries had various understandings about oxygen purity delivers via bottled Cylinders (having gas), Liquid oxygen (via cryogenic process) and Onsite Generators (via PSA process).

So, to standardize the oxygen purity on global level, US | EUROPEAN | INDIAN | UK countries prepared and released their standards for supply of medical oxygen. Now the medical oxygen purity percentages declared by these countries/continents has to be complied in order to be able to supply medical grade oxygen.

In short the medical oxygen purity based upon global acceptable limit must range between 90%-96%.

Minimum Oxygen Purity

Per the European pharmacopeia the level of purity required is between 90 – 96% to be called as Medical Grade Oxygen. Such purity can be seen using Oxygen analyzer that is equipped on the machine and in any manner if the machine is unable to provide the purity per the standards, then it stops and switches automatically to the other (machine or cylinder manifold). Hence, the hospital is always having a continuous supply of Medical grade oxygen.

US Pharmacopeia
Usp xxii Oxygen 93%

Oxygen 93% is oxygen produced from atmosphere using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process. It provides oxygen not less than 90.00% and not more than 96.00%, oxygen by volume

European Pharmacopeia
Monograph: 2455
Oxygen 93%

Group 9G Medicinal gases Oxygen 93%. It provides oxygen not less than 90.00% and not more than 96.00%, oxygen by volume

Indian Pharmacopeia
Ip Addendum 2005
More Than 90%

Mentions oxygen more than 90% when produced using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process