Why On site gas generators?

On-site gas generation is a reliable solution to produce the Medical Grade Oxygen which a hospital needs on demand. The on-site gas generators run in a continuous manner 24×7 or 365 days. The quality of instrumentation with safety interlocks helps the machine to provide tremendous results without any flow or pressure fluctuations. Unlike cylinders, gas […]

How to identify which generator is right for me?

When determining which generator model will suit your hospital, the things we should know is the following:What is the number of beds in a hospital?How much Oxygen is required in the hospital (Gas or Liquid)? Please email us on info@absstem.com and we will get in touch with you per the details you shared with us.

What is my expected ROI?

Absstem’s On-Site gas generators are designed to offer a competitive ROI. The values varies between 6 months to 2 years as per the size of the hospital and country of origin of hospital. Please inquire to your nearest dealer or contact us directly on info@absstem.com for details

What to consider when purchasing a generator? (budget, purchase cycle)

When purchasing a gas generator, one must consider: Placement- where do I want my gas generated located? Normally is a roof installation or basement installation. Sometimes beside the hospital building Power- what power is required to run the generator? Once we know the cost of 1 unit of power (KWH) then we can calculate the […]