What is the minimum level of purity required?

Per the European pharmacopeia the level of purity required is between 90 – 96% to be called as Medical Grade Oxygen. Such purity can be seen using Oxygen analyzer that is equipped on the machine and in any manner if the machine is unable to provide the purity per the standards, then it stops and […]

How much power is required to run the generator?

It’s a normal KWA rating that the machine needs like your other hospitals equipment’s. For the actual power rating please contact us on info@absstem.com with your number of hospital bed count, we will be pleased to help

Why on-site gas generation vs. cylinders or delivered gases?

Bottled gases are subject to fluctuating prices. Delivered gases and cylinders are heavy, burdensome and often troublesome Delivered gas supply can be irregular, causing disruptions in production. If you are in a remote location, bottled gas delivery can also be very costly You can run out of medical oxygen using cylinders, if care is not […]

Are on site generators safe compared to my traditional cylinder procurement?

On-site gas generators store very little gas at any given time, which is a primary safety benefit over high-pressure cylinders. With Oxygen stored at (150 times) pressure, which is higher than the On site generator, hence it is safe using On site machines. In addition, leak detection and ventilation provide additional measures of system safety