Onsite gas generator using PSA technology

Onsite gas generator PSA technology – PSA technology is in use whenever high purity gas requirements are in demand. Pressure Swing Adsorption is a technique where two molecular sieve beds are designed in a way that removes a gas (from air) using the adsorption technique. For example, Molecular sieves has ability to preferentially remove oxygen from air, the […]

Where is Medical Oxygen used in Hospitals

Medical Oxygen is used for a variety of patient applications. But Where is Medical Oxygen used exactly? Medical oxygen produced by Medical oxygen generator is used in ICU’s (Intensive Care Units), OT’s (Operation Theaters). It is also used during anesthesia as a substitute for nitrous oxide to reduce the high concentration of oxygen exposure. While the source […]

Medical Oxygen Generator in India, Oxygen plant for hospital

Best Medical Oxygen Generator for hospitals in India Best Medical Oxygen Generator for hospitals in India – Medical Oxygen Plant in India is installed and running at various Hospitals in India. Medical grade oxygen produced by Medical oxygen plant is supplied to ICU’s (Intensive Care Units), OT’s (Operation Theaters). It is also provided during anesthesia […]

Hospitals in India using Medical Oxygen Generator | Interview of absstem

A successful entrepreneur was once an employee. Some worked at a small restaurant or at a call centre. There are millions of people around the globe, who once were working for someone, now are successful entrepreneurs. The founder of Absstem said, students who have excellent academic records are hired first and they get superior jobs […]

Medical Oxygen in Rural areas – India becomes the 3rd largest electricity producer

Medical Oxygen in Rural areas – It feels great how big we are becoming when it comes to the power industry, where India’s electricity production grew 34% over seven years to 2017, and the country now produces more energy than Japan and Russia, which had 27% and 8.77% more electricity generation capacity installed, respectively, than India seven years […]

Oxygen Compressor for Cylinder Filling

Today we are going to discuss about oxygen compressor for cylinder filling using medical oxygen generators. In the world of hospitals, one of the most important necessities is having an adequate supply of medical grade oxygen. All doctors work to save the life of their patients. But what if the oxygen in the cylinders becomes […]

Best Oxygen Compressor Manufacturers In The World

So have you already decided to install medical oxygen generator and oxygen booster inside your hospital premises? Are you now searching for the best oxygen compressor manufacturers in India? It is not easy to find the best oxygen compressor manufacturers. Today we will share what an oxygen booster does. We will also tell you where […]

High Pressure Compressors For Oxygen Cylinders

If you are looking for high pressure compressors for oxygen cylinders than you are at the right place. Hospitals require high pressure compressors for oxygen cylinders on daily basis. They are needed to store medical grade oxygen at high pressure. ARE YOU TIRED OF ORDERING OXYGEN CYLINDERS FREQUENTLY? Do you face the shortage of space to […]

Cylinder Filling Stations

Have you ever thought of installing oxygen cylinder filling stations in your own hospital premises? Sounds interesting right? With years of research and development, Absstem Technologies have come up with an outstanding solution which not only fills your medical oxygen cylinders in your hospital premises but will also supply an ample amount of medical oxygen during peak […]

Oxygen compressor dealers in india

Are you looking for oxygen compressor dealers in India? If you are nodding your head with a yes then your search ends here. We are one of the most reliable companies in the world. We are known for excellent quality of medical oxygen generator machine with high pressure oxygen compressor for cylinder filling. FINDING OXYGEN COMPRESSOR […]